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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th from 9 am eastern

Showcasing Your Family Photos in the Best Light

 During her Presentation Angela will provide photography tips, a guide to scanning & making minor repairs to images as well as providing options on ways you might wish to display your images

Angela Daye is a Brand and headshot photographer based in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.  She is also a holistic therapist and coach where she loves helping people work through their stories to help them understand themselves better. 

This curiosity of ‘the story’ has developed into a keen interest in her own family tree and over the past decade she has been on the hunt for family photos and new ways to showcase the many photos she has uncovered. 

Engaging Children and Older Relatives

Engaging with children and older relatives is fun and can also be challenging, but how do we engage with them, and how do we keep their attention and enhance their learning and memories?  We will reveal how we have created an active, fun filled learning experience for both children and older relatives across the country.

Sean Szmalc’s fascination with history began, when as a small boy, he saw ‘A Night to Remember’, the classic British film about the Titanic.  His interest is also in war history in particular the two World War Wars and the story of JFK.

Since then he has actively researched the stories in detail for over thirty years.  Over the decades he has become personally acquainted with Titanic survivors, war veterans and their families, people who knew JFK including members of his secret service detail, learning more incredible and fascinating stories and facts first hand. 

Sean approaches his work not only as a profession, but as his passion.  He enjoys all aspects of his work and strives to preserve history and educate with both his exhibitions and outreach programmes.  He works frequently with schools, care homes, museums and galleries across the world, acting as a historical advisor to both the media and television.   Outside of his work, he enjoys time with family and friends, and strives to help others who are less fortunate in life.


  Story Creating Workshop

  You've researched your family history and now want to write a story but don't     know where to start.

 Let me guide you through the story creating process: how to get to know your characters, the questions to ask yourself when you are writing a story and the process to get your ideas on paper or computer.

 I will also explain the next steps, from editing your manuscript to publishing a  book.

 Come with me on a journey of discovery and learn how to hold a dream in your hand.

Claire Miller, Author, has been writing seriously since 2001. She is a published author of four children’s books and The Story Creator. Her books are Pure Human City, a teenage book, I Can Create Stories, an A4 interactive story creating book and I Can Create Stories (Story Edition), an A5 interactive story creating book. The Choice, a teenage novel, is her fourth book which was meant to be a 1000 word story and grew a bit!

She is passionate about helping children and adults gain confidence in themselves and their abilities through story creating workshops. Please get in touch with her if you’d like to know more about her workshops.

She loves diving into her imagination and creating stories and now considers herself a fulltime, accomplished, professional writer. When she’s not writing she loves to play the piano and take photographs.

 Genealogy Journaling

Researching your Family Tree is a journey of self-discovery, therefore it is important to not only record what you discover in relation to your family history but to record the journey in doing so & how it made you feel.   Another important thing to document are the family stories that have been passed down through the generations, it is so important that these are not lost & can be passed on further.

Clare Wilson is a Professional Genealogist based in Central Scotland. Passionate about Scotland, she loves that she can assist clients worldwide to discover more about their own Scottish Ancestors. She runs various projects & groups including Kilted Ancestors, New Monkland Back in Time, the Scottish Tourism Collective & the Allied Air Force Research Group. Her other passion is Allied Air Force Research & she has recently set up a new website dedicated to this subject.

 Pulling It All Together

We are the Chosen. We are the ones our ancestors call up to preserve their stories and to make them live again in the memories of our children, our grandchildren and the generations yet to come. As family historians, we have an obligation to honour our ancestors and to share their stories with others. In this presentation we will look at various ways to do just that. We will learn how to honour the lives of our ancestors by pulling together the stories of their lives.

Christine Woodcock began her descent into family history by creating a family history book to record the descendants of her maternal grandfather. Since then she has created numerous family history books for her family and has assisted others in doing the same. Whether honouring the life of one individual or telling the story of one line through the generations, Christine recognizes that it is only through our stories that we live on for future generations. 

Access to the recordings remains open for 30 days following the live event

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